Install Eyelink 1000+

Connect your laptop to Eyelink system in the eyetracking room:

  1. Have MATLAB and Psychtoolbox installed

    • ​PBS IT can install MATLAB for you or you can get a student version using JHU email​​

    • Download psychtoolbox here 

  2. Check that your Psychtoolbox application has the eyelink folder

    • On a Mac, you should find this here​

      • Applications/Psychtoolbox/PsychHardware/EyelinkToolbox​

    • If you're struggling to find it on your PC, locate your Psychtoolbox folder through MATLAB and look there

  3. Install the Eyelink Development Kit based on your laptop system (in "Display PC Installation" folder on EyeLink USB stick, the USB is stored on the shelf in the eyetracking room. Please do not move it anywhere else!!!)

  4. Connect your computer to Eyelink

    • ​Your computer is now referred to as the "Display PC" of the Eyelink system 

    • Plug the Ethernet cord (the cord is blue) and the VGA into your computer

    • Adjust your network preferences:

      • ​Mac:

        • ​Set the IP address to and subnet mask to You can do this by opening the System Preferences (Apple menu item, then select ‘System Preferences…’) and click on the Network Icon. Next go to your computer’s Built-In Ethernet device, select Manually on the Configure pop-up menu, and enter the above IP address and subnet mask (see Figure below).

      • PC: