Psychtoolbox for Undergrad RA

1. Install Psychtoolbox here and carefully read this course

2. Learn these demos: always check out help info first and then evaluate it line by line by selecting a line and then right clicking

  • Demo 1: Open screen

    • Your task:​

      • Make the screen white​

      • Then make it blue

      • Then make it 500x500 rather than full screen

  • Demo 2: Timing the change

    • Your task:​

      • Make the screen change color every 4s

      • Change color into: yellow, green, blue, black

      • Add one more color change of your choice

  • Demo 3: Present fixation

    • Your task:​

      • Make the fixation centered on a 500x500 screen ​rather than full screen

      • Make the fixation presented in the upper left corner

      • Make the fixation line thicker, bigger, and red

      • Present the fixation only for 3s and then flip to a white screen with nothing on it