Basic Eyelink Code

Below is MATLAB code needed in a script/function file in order to get eye positino and pupil area from Eyelink.

(Note: Follow the instructions on the "Installing Eyelink" page, if you want to use your laptop as the Display PC, aka, run experiments from your laptop)

For more (and better!) information about the code and functions:

  • Type 'help' followed by the function name in the command window

  • Play around with some demos

    • Go to this path on MATLAB: PsychToolbox > PsychHardware > EyelinkToolbox > EyelinkDemos

    • Select one of the folders (probably not OSXed)

    • Run one of the m-files

    • If you come across an error, make sure MATLAB is in the actual folder where the m-file is (if it isn't it might be trying to load an image that "doesn't exist" because it's not in your path) 

  • Visit this website

All the scripts below are in this MATLAB file

An example of how this code is incorporated in an actual script

Highly recommended: read explanation for the code on this page