KKI Scheduling

Anyone who will be involved in scanning will need to also create an individual account. The individual accounts will be linked together under our lab, and they'll serve as a way for you to complete online safety training and book time. 


To create an account, go here (If you are on the campus network, this process will only work if you're connected via wired campus internet; off-campus WIFI will also work):

For the info on the bottom part:

  • "Sites you will schedule" is F.M. Kirby Research Center, 

  • not a PI

  • select my name from the "PI's to schedule?" list

  • not trained to run the scanner

  • select "I will be entering the Zone III and/or IV ..."


Once they've created an account for you, you'll be able to complete the online safety training by logging in through your account.


  • Online safety training is required for any lab member who will help out during the scanning sessions.